Photo Gallery

To get the site going, here are some photos. I will add more galleries when I can and as new images become available.

Eurocat 2009

What’s Grant looking at?

Eurocat 2009

Eurocat 2009

Another Pierrick cracker

F18 Nationals

My first F18 Nats in 2008 with Grant

RYA Youth Nats

The Spitfire crews posing for the camera

RYA Youth Nats

2010 podium when I won the bronze medal

Eurocat 2008

First major event & top step of the podium!

Eurocat 2008

Eurocat 2009

Spinnaker hoist as we bear away

Blustery Day

2nd of that name. Me at the helm.

Blustery Day


Assorted Photos

Date: various

The 3rd one! Great sprayhood.

With Tom Lyons on the beach at Carnac in France

Ace pic by my friend Pierrick Contin

Doing bow on Hervé Bénic’s First 40.

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