‘There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. ‘

Wind in the Willows


Blue Sailing


Blue Sailing is all about a respect for the sea, one of natures greatest and most magnificent forces but also one of the most dangerous, we hope to promote a better respect for the sea and how we treat it. Below are some of the problems and how we can solve them

· The Rubbish Problem

It has become a common sight to see beaches strewn with rubbish that has been washed up, some thrown in from people on land but much dropped by water users who have no thought of the affect it is having on the environment.

What you can do: Take all your rubbish home and spread the message round every boat you sail on.

· The Fuel Problem

Modern yachts are becoming more and more reliant on fuel, either to power their engine so they can motor from place to placeor to power their sprawling electrical systems ranging from Navigation systems to microwaves. There are many who do not know or understand how to use a paper chart and if their engine was to break down would ultimately been in great trouble.

What you can do: Think about investing in a Solar panel, or a wind turbine, they provide free energy and are worth the initial cost. Always remember that modern navigation equipment are only aids, always keep your position logged on a paper chart.

· Respect

As pleasure boating has become increasingly popular over the years a respect for the sea has seem to dwindled. People will often now set out ill prepared without the correct equipment, and unsure about what to do in a emergency.

What you can do: Always remember safety first, do not be embarrassed to wear a lifejacket and always learn what to do in a emergency situation

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