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ECHO Sailing is an initiative re-using old sail materials set up and run by Andy Sinclair to help support his sailing and friends sailing with him. ECHO Sailing has now expanded to  promote ‘green’ sailing through the use of recycling and renewable sources of power and to promote a better respect for the sea.



A weekend of Bags!

Spent this weekend slaving over the sewing machine making a new bag design and cracking through a few orders. Here is some pictures of the new holdall bag design, now with round ends and wider straps.







If you are reading this then it means I have been successful and worked out how to upload a website and what my teachers would call a first draft is up and loaded, over the next few days I will be setting to and adding and changing bits as I work out better how this website lark works! Watch for updates on the ECHO Bag page and the links and supporters page and I’ll try and find something that works better as a photo gallery and I’ll try and add more pictures every where.

Fingers crossed



Firstly, after a bit of a lapse of keeping the website up to date and going I’ve got to work and am getting it all update and adding bits and bobs here and there.

Spitfire Training at Weston

The Echo Sailing Spitfire Team had a successful weekend training at my home club, Weston Sailing Club on Southampton Water. Saturday was plagued by light winds but we still got in several very useful training exercises in before the wind totally evaded us leaving us to drift slowly back to the beach (to which we won the race to!).

Saturday evening was spent very pleasantly down at the sailing club as Gilly’s Dad had brought down his VW camper meaning we could cook diner down the, chill out by the fire and relax to a beautiful evening, and the next morning we had our sails up and on the beach nearly before anyone else had arrived. Also we could enjoy the early morning down at Weston, which is very beautiful and peaceful.

Sunday’s training proved to be more fulfilling than Saturday’s with Ed and Rich (our coaches) sending us on a Jog (well it was meant to be but we ended up sprinting a lot of it to the annoyance of Rich) and then a grueling bit of circuit of training while we waited for the wind to fill in. When we did get on the water after a few minutes of drifting around the breeze blessed us and it didn’t take long before we were twin wiring. We carried out a action packed diamond course to help improve out mark rounding's, this for us proved to be slightly full of problems with our spinnaker getting jammed in mid hoist requiring Gilly to fumble about pulling at bits and bobs and me taking out my knee coming in from the trapeze. That done we got on with some short races where we finished well every race, apart from when my leeward came up going downwind meaning that a gust hit and I lacked all steerage and over we went to everyone's amusement

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